Multiscan BC-OXI

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Multiscan BC-OXI is proven to be the optimal solution that has allowed healthcare practitioners to get a comprehensive and objective assessment of the clients’ functional health state. Such information was taken into account to optimize wellness and SPA treatment plan and correct its intensity.


  • Segmental Body composition 3D Analyzer
  • Body composition assessment (FM, FFM, TBW, ECW, ICW, BMI, Muscular mass, Phase angle)
  • Microcirculation assessment
  • Body composition 3D modeling (fat mass color code)
  • Diet adviser including visceral fat 3D modeling
  • Vertebral 3D Modeling
  • Extended assistance to the therapeutic decision for SPA / Fitness / Sport trainings
  • Heart Rate Variability Indicators
  • Stress / Fatigue assessment
  • Digital pulse wave analysis

Measurement time: 2 minutes


  • USB connectable box
  • Digital USB connectable pulse oximeter
  • Tetra polar stainless steel plates for the feet
  • Tetra polar stainless steel plates for the hands
  • 4 lead Multiscan cables for the hands
  • 4 lead Multiscan cables for the feet
  • USB cable
  • Multiscan BC-OXI Software x 2 licenses
  • Transport bag
  • Stand with integrated hand/foot sensors*

* Parameters depend on the equipment configuration

Multiscan BC CE Certificate Ref. Numbers:  OSE-15-0412/01 and OSE-15-0412/02

Pulse Oximeter:   EC Certificate Ref Number: G1 13 07 74184 004

ISO 13485 for accessories: Ref Number: Q1N 13 06 74184 003