Multiscan FIT

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Self-testing, non-invasive, informative, easy to interpret, visual, unique.

MS FIT provides an individual assessment of personal lifestyle, health and fitness indicators.
We offer a unique opportunity to use detailed recommendations for an individual program or guidance, taking into account the wishes and goals of your client.

MS FIT systems are used for guidance and advice regarding lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation, exercise and therapy.
They are designed to be used quickly and effectively for prevention, guidance and follow-up of your clients, patients and athletes.

  • several important (medically substantiated) technologies are combined in 1 device
  • very fast measurement and interpretation (both for user and customer)
  • 3D visualization, scores, color codes….
  • follow-up (dynamic monitoring) of many physiological indicators
  • easy to use
  • certainty of correctness of test execution, stable and reproducible results
  • portable device available

Evaluation of the Wellness Score

Top risk factors

Segmental determination of body composition

Assessment of microcirculation

Vertebral assessment

Cardio assessment

Evaluation stress and fatigue

Individual nutritional and supplementation advice

Fitness & Wellness recommendations: type of training, training intensity

MS FIT is a functional system of fitness diagnostics that includes the patented algorithm for automatic cross-data analysis (program cross-analysis) that is recorded with the use of 4 scientific technologies:

  • Multi-frequency body composition assessment
  • Galvanic skin response assessment
  • Rhythmogram (R – R intervals analysis)
  • Digital pulse wave analysis

This combination allows this device to provide comprehensive wellness data for your customers and create an individual fitness program based on the information received, taking into account your client’s wishes and ultimate goals.

Recommendations for:

  • Type of training
  • Training intensity
  • Diet
  • Wellness and SPA procedures
  • Dynamics control


  • Segmental Body Composition Assessment
  • Microcirculation Assessment
  • Cardio Assessment
  • Stress and Fatigue Assessment
  • Vertebral Load Assessment
  • Comprehensive Wellness Score Assessment

Measurement time: 60 sec


  • Mobile system or different Kiosk models available with integrated measuring equipment
  • Touch screen for Kiosk ranges from 27, 32 to 43 inches
  • Hands platform with built-in sensors to determine heart rate, galvanic skin response and bioimpedance
  • Feet platform with built-in sensors for weight measurement, galvanic skin response and bioimpedance
  • Digital pulse wave sensor (optional) *
  • Integrated MS FIT software adapted for touch screen
  • Web camera, height meter and QR code scanner (optional)*
  • Tablet with pre-installed MS FIT program for easy overview of results*

* Parameters depend on the equipment configuration

Disponible en version portable ainsi que dans différents modèles de kiosques: