Multiscan Physiological Monitor

Multiscan is a new innovative type of measurement and analysis medical system.
Tools which are visually easily and quickly interpretable for both therapist / coach / doctor as patient and provide benefit in terms of prevention, counseling and health care.

Multiscan Physiological Monitor



  • Programmable automatic interval between measurements
  • Heart rate and SPO2 dynamic control
  • Digital pulse wave analysis
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement
  • Electrocardiogram (5 leads)
  • Digital thermo sensor
  • Respiratory rate dynamic control
  • Dynamic history of physiological parameters
  • Measurement time: 2-45 minutes


Multiscan Physiological monitor is a programmable medical device for continuous dynamic monitoring of physiological parameters of the patients body.


  • USB / Bluetooth connectable box
  • Digital SPO2 sensor
  • Thermo sensor
  • 5 lead ECG cable
  • NIBP cuff
  • USB cable
  • Multiscan Physiological monitor Software x 2 licenses
  • Power adapter
  • Transport bag