BC System

The BC system measures the resistance and the reactance in tetrapolar manner between the right hand and right foot with Multi frequency in range 1 – 500 KHz. The resistance and reactance calculations are converted to the estimated parameters of body composition (total moisture, lean mass, fat mass) according to the predictive equations of BIA (Body Impedance Analysis = Body Impedance Analysis) published in the peer reviews.

Calculation and monitoring of:

  • Actual Impedance
  • Actual Phase Angle (PA)
  • Estimated body fat (FAT)
  • Estimated fat free mass (FFM)
  • Estimated total body water (TBW)
  • Estimated Intra-Cellular Water (ICW)
  • Estimated Extra-Cellular Water (ECW)
  • Estimated Basal Metabolic Level (MMR)
  • Estimated Daily Energy Expenditure (DEE)
  • Actual Body Mass Index (BMI)

The data is stored in a backup on your PC.
The device is used for people older than 7 years.
The system should be used by a clinician.