Health Care Software Solution (HCSS)

HCSS is statistical software to analyze the data provided and gives:

- The score of homeostasis:
The score is the potential of the homeostasis adaptive-or responsiveness of a patient.

  • It depends first and foremost on genetic data.
  • It could be affected by lifestyle, disorders, diseases, current treatment or environmental factors.
  • It decreases with age.
  • It should be considered before any kind of treatment plan, and in follow-up.

- The result of the investigation:

  • Disease-screening scores of: thyroid function, insulin resistance, beta function, metabolic syndrome, chronic hepatitis, prostate cancer, depression, ADHD with children (learning disabilities) investigations of dyslipidemia CHD and heart failure.
  • The biochemical score of the study: post physiological indicators opposite laboratory tests.

- Helps with the therapeutic follow-ups at the treatment plan:

  • Follow-up indicators of the drug policy (thyroid hormone, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, and SSRI treatments)
  • Follow-up of the physiological indicators of biochemical substances
  • Indications Hypertension (CO, large, small and peripheral artery stiffness) and diabetes (insulin resistance and beta feature)

- Helps to involve your patient in visualitsation his health with a 3D modeling in accordance with the examination scores.

- Application Chiropractor and Neural Network (ANS, the living tissue, and spinal segmental innervation).