General explanation


The IM system is an application in the field of non-invasive bio electrical impedance.

It is a medical system that by means of a full software, allows to display images, diagrams or custom graphical images of the patient again.

The IM system provides valuable information on the organism, indicating the functional state of health, either globally or by organ systems.

It was developed by a group of physicians, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists with the aim to combine the latest scientific findings in the field of neurology and neurophysiology in a reference system.

The IM system is based on the principles of electro-chemical analysis (in particular, the chronoamperometry regulated by the Cottrell equation), the principles of the electrophysiology and, in particular, the embodiment of the work over impedance testing (Nybo Thomasset).

The principles of the neurophysiology and, in particular, the effects of the acid-base balance of the functioning of organs and systems (Guyton) member, have made it possible to create a system to carry out a non-invasive functional test, rational , easy to interpret and recognized by the international medical / scientific community.

In order to ensure the reliability of a system, it is necessary to carry out a series of laboratory tests.

The IM system is a device supported by clinical trials conducted in four public hospitals under strict scientific controls.