Operation and results

The information provided by IDM Software is :

  • Interstitial ion concentration (Na, K, Ca, P, Cl, Mg).
  • Concentration of gases, PH, interstitial H+ and bicarbonate.
  • Oxidation metabolites (MDA) and antioxidant capacity (GSH, SOD).
  • Interstitial neurotransmitters: serotonin, catecholamines, dopamine, acetylcholine.
  • Hormone Activity: insulin, DHEA, cortisol, ACTH, ADH and the thyroid and parathyroid function.
  • Evaluation of the metabolic system.
  • Functional status of all organs.
  • Functional status of the central nervous system and the vegetative system.
  • Functional status of vertebral and segmental.
  • Cardiovascular functional status.
  • Calculation of the SP02.

The reviews of the organ functions and systems include a detailed analysis in the IDM Software of:

  • Digestive system including the liver, pancreas and gallbladder.
  •  Cardiovascular system.
  •  Brain System.
  • Genitourinary system.
  • The central nervous system and vegetative system.
  • Functional vertebral status.

The system also includes a four-polar bioimpedance technology to assess the body composition that yields valuable information about: fat mass, lean mass, intra-and extra-cellular water, basal metabolic rate, and calorie consumption.

It is a specific-evaluation system:

  • Development of chronic diseases.
  • Monitoring Pharmacotherapy and other therapies.
  • Preventive medicine and lifestyle.
  • Sports Medicine and Fitness Assessment.
  • Monitoring nutrition and diets.

The Multiscan Pro system, as an analysis and assessment system within the functional medicine, is the best tool in the functional processes that are involved in the levels of health, disease and lifestyle.

Other features:

Complete system includes:

  • Hardware + Software
  • Installation and free delivery.
  • Personal training and online training.
  • After-sales service (free of charge during the first year)